Hotel Rössle

E-charging point

Charge up for free at the Hotel Rössle

Electric cars are still a rarity on Austrian roads - but they are cropping up more and more! That is why we have invested in an electric charging point for our guests. Since May 2016 we have also set renewable energy and state-of-the-art technology in place and now get our power from a photovoltaic unit.

Gratis Strom Tanken

Free electricity charging

3 car parking areas for E-cars CEE 5 pin 400 V - 16 A 11.1 kW

2 Car parking for one-track E-vehicles (E-bikes, E-motorbikes) Schuko plug (like those in your home) 230 V - 16 A 3.7 kW

Organise your journey in your E-vehicle

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