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A la carté menu

...delicious food is balmy for the soul

At our cozy restaurant we spoil our guests with typical Austrian hospitality. We offer traditional cuisine, selected, regional wine as well as personal, obliging service. All our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and thus we would like to inform you that our dishes may contain traces of main allergens, which fall under the duty of declaration.

New: Fondue at the Restaurant Rössle Röthis

New: Fondue at the Restaurant Rössle Röthis

On pre-order you can reservate a table at our restaurant for a chees and meat Fondu! Please call for your reservation 0043 5522 44308

A la carté im Restaurant

Monday to Friday from 11.00 a.m. until 14:00 p.m and from 18:00 p.m. until 22:00 p.m.Saturday, Sunday and puplic holidays we open for your group from 20 people on (no á la carte!)

Salads and appetizers

  • Mixed salad with house dressing
  • Smoked salmon on iceberg salad with potato dressing and croutons
  • Beef carpaccio, marinated with parmesan, arugula
  • Steak tartar seasoned spicy finely sliced beef with toast


  • Maroon cream soup with truffle oil pearls
  • Red curry soup with roasted prawn
  • Beef bouillon with traditional deposits choice


  • small breaded pork cutlets with French fries
  • Tagliatelle Bolognese, Parmesan


  • Penne with saffron butter and vegetables
  • Regional specialty cheese, fried onions, potato salad
  • Hot Green vegetables curry with rice
  • Tagliatelle with lenses bolognese
  • Saffron risotto with pomegranate and Parmesan Splitter


  • Zander filet On Saffron risotto with Parmesan and Pomegranate
  • fried shrimp tagliatelle tomato chilli butter


  • Roasted pork steak with pepper sauce, egg noodles, vegetables
  • Roasted beef fillet steak about 200gr. Pepper Sauce, green beans with bacon and French fries
  • Roasted beef steak about 300gr., herbbutter, roasted vegetables


  • Breaded pork loin, Vienna type, with various salads
  • „Cordon bleu” pork cutlet stuffed with cheese and ham, parsley potatoes
  • Mixed BBQ of pork, beef, chicken with bacon and sausages on French fries with sour cream and BBQ sauce
  • Roasted Calfes liver - our classic -with fresh herbs, hash brown and seasonal vegetables
  • Fillet of beef Stroganoff peppers, pickles, ham and mushrooms, egg noodles,
  • Roast beef tenderloin with crispy onions, roasted potatoes and green beans with bacon
  • Chicken escalope coated with cornflakes, curry sauce basmati rice and broccoli
  • Roast pork with pickled cabbage and bread dumplings

Sweet Finals

  • Austrian Pancake with apple sauce
  • wildberrie Lasange
  • Chocolate cake with a liquid center, sourcream ice cream
  • Applestrudel Vanilla ice

Ice cream

  • Coupe “hot Love“ – Vanilla ice-cream with hot raspberrys whipped cream
  • Coupe „Danmark“ – Vanilla ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream
  • Coupe “Stirred iced coffee” - vanilla ice cream with coffee, creamy stirred
  • Fitness cup - fresh fruit salad with sorbet and yogurt



Werfen Sie hier einen Blick in unsere Weinkarte und freuen Sie sich schon auf den nächsten Besuch bei uns! Gerne servieren wir Ihnen natürlich auch unser Frastanzer Bier aus der regionalen Brauerei. more

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